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Product Guide   2015 Product Guide
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Product Guide   Quick Product Guide
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Guide   Material Selection Guide
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Guide   How to Select a Projection Screen
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Product Codes   Each screen model number are very descriptive. Knowing what the model numbers represent will help you pick the correct screen
Example: VMAX120XWV
Series: The letters at the beginning of each model number (i.e. VMAX)
Diagonal: The numbers following the series (i.e. 120)
Case coloring and format codes: The rest of the model (i.e. XWV)
U = Black casing
X = White casing
N = White casing
WS = 1:1 format
WV = 4:3 format
WH = 16:9 format
Reseller Zone   Access cut-sheets, downloads, videos, and other materials for ProAV products.
Elite ProAV Password: elite16420
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